Restoration of large size Drawings by Overbeck

Hai-Yen Hua-Ströfer

Catalogue of the exhibition1994

"Johann Friedrich Overbeck and the Cathedral of Djakovo, Croatia"


Contents german text:overbeck.pdf

1. Exhibition schedule

2. About the artist

3. Listing of restored cartons

  1. 4.Definition of the problem and

    restoration report

5. Restoration of the „Heaven-Scene“

    a. condition and cleaning

    b. mending and backing

  1. 6.Restoration of the „Last Judgement“ and

    of the four Evangelists

1. Exhibition schedule


• Museum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg  

  (July / August  1994)
• Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte der  

  Hansestadt Lübeck (Sept. / Nov. 94)
• Muzejsko Galerijski Centar Zagreb

  (Febr. / March 1995)

Last Judgment

The Adoration of the Magi


Evangelist Matthew

Evangelist Luke

Evangelist John

Evangelist Mark