Good tools and instruments are half the work!


The careful selection of the tools we use for the restoration of valuable works of art is very important. A restorer is looking for the best tools of the highest quality all his life and everywhere in the world in order to achieve the best restoration results.

Brushes are most important for retouching a picture. Only brushes of prime quality (e.g. Rotmarder brushes for watercolours) are worthy of consideration. And already after the work on only one picture, the brush will not meet the quality standard anymore and therefore has to be replaced by a new one.

So it happened that a promenade across the Christmas market of arts and craft in Mannheim turned out to be a fortunate coincidence. I discovered the brush maker master, Karl Dommel from Bechhofen. The sheer variety of brushes he presented was extraordinary. I immediately bought some brushes and tried them at home. I was very pleased with their high quality.

After that, I called Mr. Dommel and ordered multiple brushes according to my wishes. I could select the hair of the brush, the length of the hair, the density of the hair, the resilience of the hair, and the length of the brush handle. And now I’m happily awaiting them and I’m very curious on our new brushes by master hand.



Brush maker at the Christmas market

Christmas 2004