EC-Research Project "Parela": Paper Restoration using Laser Technology

2001 - 2003


Paper Restauration using Laser Technology

The project started in September 2001 and was closed in December 2003. The aspiration of the project was the development of a prototype of a working place for surface cleaning of paper-based works of art by using laser technology. The project was partially financed by the European Community and by restauration workshops (Small & medium size enterprises according to EC terminology). Large research institutions like the Federal Institute for Material Science BAM in Berlin and the Dutch TNO in Delft participated. The restauration workshops were from all over Europe: Germany (The Hai-Yen Institute for Conservation of Works of Art), the Netherlands, Ireland, France and Sweden. The project leader was the enterprise Art Innovation in Holland.

The efficiency of classical restauration techniques like cleaning with rubber, scalpel and solvents was compared with cleaning by laser beams. Based on the science of interaction of laser light with paper, a working place was developed which works with pulsed green laser light. The new system shows high efficiency in the removal of inorganic dirt, carbon black und bioorganic deposits. The results have been published in numerious articles.

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